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It was great to meet you!

Thanks for dropping by our little display! It was great to see so many happy & excited mums to be at the Babyology baby shower. The main reason we wanted to be there was to help young families get on the right track financially.

A message from Glen :)

A message from Sam :)

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Did you know Glen and Sam are both licenced financial advisers?

Glen has a network of advisers around Australia and Sam is Glen's preferred adviser in the Melbourne area. She happens to be really cool, too! Did you get to meet her?

If after reading the brochure in the gift bag, completing the balloon money quiz or speaking to us at the display has encouraged you to take some type of action, please reach out to us.

We would love to discuss your situation and would welcome a chat with you. The best way you can get in touch is by completing the form below and Sam will reach out! We have agreement with Babyology that we will have a complimentary discussion with any baby shower attendee in relation to anything financial.

We can certainly point you in the right direction!

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Daniel, Merrin & Bowden

Dan & Merrin are clients of Glen's and are basically models! 

Dan & Merrin are clients of Glen's and are basically models! 

Glen set up their life and income insurances if the worst was to occur. Dan is a school teacher of special needs kids and Merrin is the best florist IN THE WORLD! Check out her Instagram @merringracefloraldesign.

As you can see, good financial advice is affordable for all Australian families. Dan and Merrin are now on their investing journey after renovating their home (looking at investment properties). They did things the right way, they have their foundations in order (emergency savings, a spending plan and life insurances). Thanks Dan & Merrin!

Some of Merrin's work!

Some of Merrin's work!

Watch Penny's story here

Trevor & Penny were lucky enough to have their family protection in place (insurances) and thankfully for Penny, when she went through a traumatic event - they were insured. Life insurance does not just cover your family if the worst case did occur (death) - it covers a range of medical conditions if you're out of action temporarily. Trevor & Penny are also real life clients of Glen's.

Check out Penny's bloopers at the bottom of the page!

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Taking time off work - can you afford it?

Glen teamed up with Babyology and gives some practical tips for when you're about to be on one income!

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Bub is coming... does your car need an upgrade?

Make sure you read this article here before you upgrade your car! Glen tells you how much to spend on a car! 

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Glen's personal financial plan

Interested to see how Glen's personal financial plan is set up?

That's Glen's sister Lauren, brother in law Geoff, niece (Grace) and nephews (twins - Geoffrey & James). Find out how they form part of Glen's overall plan here...

Want to know more about Sam's business?

Sam runs an award winning advice business called Pursue Wealth here in Melbourne. They help people live their best life while being smart with their money.

You will not see any 70 year old retirees in their waiting room.... they like to work with people they get... people under 40!

Sam is an experienced financial adviser and is so willing to discuss your personal situation!

Click the computer to take a look at Pursue Wealth!

Glen's financial planning business is Fortify Financial and his website can be found here.

Check out some outtakes of Penny's story - she is just too funny