3 Tips For Launching Your Own Side Hustle

3 Tips For Launching Your Own Side Hustle

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There’s the hustle, and then there’s the side hustle today. With a growing interconnected world that has communication channels opened through every kind of platform, it’s becoming easier for small business owners and employees to cultivate their own side hustle.

Aside from a main income and 40-hour workweek at one location, a side hustle can be anything you want it to be, from a charity to a nonprofit organisation. Many employers are opposed to side hustle for their employees – and they couldn’t be more wrong.  Through exploring personal passions, unused skills, and additional income, side hustles are complementary to the growth of any type of businessperson or employee.  

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Here are 3 steps for launching your own side hustle today:

1. Go Slow:

If you’re going to juggle more responsibility on top of your current employment responsibility, you’re going to need to go slow and really organise everything. In order to ensure no mistakes are made and that everything is being budgeted wisely, you’re going to want to really cross those t’s and dot those i’s. If you feel like it’s taking you way too long to get your side hustle up and running, remember that now is the time you really want to devote your attention to curating the best possible foundation. Most people in this position take years to really bring their side hustle dream to life.

2. Organisation:

Organisation is key to making a side hustle truly a side hustle. Yes, you already have a job or your own business. If you’re going to squeeze in additional requirements to your daily schedule for another side business, you’re going to need some serious organisation structure in place. Start with separate journals, bank accounts, and filing systems (probably linked to your side hustle email address if you use google for exmaple). Make a new email address and even an account with Slack.com for keeping all of your side hustle communication away from your regular hustle communication. It will make the entire process easier on you.

3. Support Team:

You’re only human. You need a support team cheering you on and offering up constructive criticism so your side hustle can reach its full potential. It’s not going to be easy organising an entire side hustle during your regular hustle, which is why you need different people to cheer you on, offer up advice, and volunteer to help you with the side hustle roll-out. Remember, only share your ideas with people who will encourage you. There are many of "negative Nancies" out there who are eager to chop you down!

The Side Hustle

From a benefits point-of-view, pursuing a side hustle will cultivate extra income for you, provide you with a chance to found a socially conscious operation, and challenge you to explore new skills and talents that aren’t required at your day-job.

Some practical encouragement!

Take a listen to the “Sort Your Money Out” podcast where I interview Ashley Jacobs (season 1, episode 2) about the launch of her small business. Within the podcast, Ashley goes through the idea for her pet-themed side hustle, how she made it a reality without investors, and her personal advice for anyone considering launching their own side hustle today.

Ashely Jacobs shares her journey thus far with Sitting for a Cause

Ashely Jacobs shares her journey thus far with Sitting for a Cause