How Alex saved nearly $60k... on cars!

How Alex saved nearly $60k... on cars!

Need a car upgrade? I coached Alex & Desiree on buying two cars within my guidelines as opposed to buying one brand-new car for the family. By using my guidelines, they saved about $60k…

The problem

Alex called me about wanting to buy a brand-new luxury 4x4. They would have spent over $90,000 on this car that Alex would also commute in as Alex was needing to replace his older VW Golf. Safety is a concern for the young family, hence why they wanted the 4x4.

The solution

With some discussion around the practical issues of him lugging a 4x4 down the motorway each day and Alex really wanting something fun, comfortable and safe to spend his time in… which would have had to wait a couple of years after the 4x4 purchase.

I suggested looking at two second-hand cars (practically new!) which could meet both their needs and keep them well under the $90k mark.

My rant

It’s simple really, instead of buying one “brand new” car at over $90k, and still having to keep the old VW as the second car, we looked at two second hand cars which could give Desiree the nice 4x4 for the kids during the day and also Alex’ needs (wants!) were met.

By using my guidelines, they got their two current cars within weeks and saved nearly $60,000 on the equivalent brand-new models!

Yes! Nearly $60,000!

The cars & numbers

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Alex got a Mercedes Benz, 2016 C250
RRP $95,000+
Paid $53,000 with under 50,000km on the clock, still with warranty.

Desiree got a 2017 Hyundai Tucson Highlander
8 months old
1300km on the clock
$15,000 discount from RRP


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