Penny's story

Penny's Story

The need for quality personal insurances.

We all think life insurance is for older people who have their life together. One friend told me "I need to get a life if I want to insure it".

The truth is, there are some basic insurances that fall under the category of "life insurance".

As you will see from Penny's story - she and Trevor received a Trauma insurance claim. This was of so much value at the worst of times.

When should you "have a discussion" (as Penny puts it) with one of my advisers?

  • If you're thinking about starting a family;

  • If you already have a family;

  • If you have a mortgage; or

  • You have an income and you think you need to consider protecting it.

Reach out and I'll have one of my advisers contact you for a non-obligation discussion about your circumstances.

Some frequently asked questions about Life Insurance

How much does life insurance cost?

This can vary on age, types of cover, your occupation, gender the level of cover and more! In fact there are up to twelve different things that can make up the cost of life insurance. This is why it's so important to get good financial advice in this area as it can be very complex and a good adviser will tailor the insurance packages to your very situation. Not one size fits all.

How can I pay for this if I feel like I can't afford it?

Don't worry though, you can use your superannuation to fund your insurances in many instances. Anyone of my recommended advisers would consider this for you. If you are starting a family - cash flow is most important - so we like to look at using superannuation to fund your insurances - (where possible).

"My partner says we don't need it!"

That's nice. If your partner was to be injured and couldn't work or if the worst case occurred, it's you who is left to sort out the money issues. It's really got to be a joint decision for your new family. Now you're #adulting, it's time to consider the things that matter. Set it up and move on with your life!

What is the process?

It all starts when you reach out to me. I will put you in touch with an adviser who is best positioned to help you with your Life Insurance needs. They would arrange a no-cost telephone call to discuss your situation and explain their process. It's very easy. All my advisers know that their role is to education my readers to enable them to make an informed decision. Generally, there is also no cost for my advisers as if you take any insurance, like a mortgage broker, they will be remunerated by the insurance company that suits you.

What insurance company do your advisers recommend?

My advisers have access to all the leading name brand Life Insurance companies in Australia. It's simple - we find the most appropriate Life Insurance solution for you and your family.

I have no idea what I am doing and this is all too overwhelming to think about!

Yes, that is why we will help you. We will walk you through all the things you need to know and make this daunting task easy! We will make the complex simple.

Penny & Howie in some funny outtakes!