How to start a podcast

How to start a podcast

Everyone has a podcast. In fact, if you do not - are you even a person?

I run a podcast called my millennial money, we are Australia’s number 1 podcast for millennials and their money - or lack thereof!

So you want to start podcasting? Go though these steps before you worry about recording anything!


The process

Before you worry about equipment or recording, I suggest you follow the following steps.

Step 1.

Work out your strategy. Why are you doing it? Who is it for? What is the goal?
Is is just you or more than one person? Is it a interview style (current trend is now at least two people talking to each other regularly)?

Step 2. 

Is it short form (5 mins to say 40 mins) or long form? Over an hour?

Step 3. 

How many times per week or month are you dropping an episode?

Step 4.

Write down at least 20 episode topics - if you can’t do this you shouldn’t start!

Step 5. 

Get some gear and start talking!

The gear

You could literally start by recording on your phone, but quality is king - so you will need a decent microphone.

Going solo?

I use a USB mic for when I do recording at home. This would be a good start. It’s an AT2020 USB+. Great sounding mic that is inexpensive!

You can also record on garage band if you have a mac. I use Adobe Audition.

my millennial money

For the my millennial money podcast, I record with the following gear:

1 x Steinberg UR44

4x Shure SM7b

4x Blue Mic Compass Boom Arms

4x Cloud lifter activator (for the Shure mics)

When we are on the road, I use:

1x Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

4x AKG D5 mics

Where to upload your podcast to?

I use whooshkaa to host the all my podcasts. It’s so easy to upload & distribute the shows!

*this post is a work in progress

Glen Jamesother