"HELP! I need some sort of personal advice to my situation!"

Hey! Glen here.... I believe in quality, affordable, practical and friendly financial advice for millennials. I am actually a licenced financial adviser myself and have been for over 10 years.

Perhaps you have been reading some of my articles, have seen my videos or have been referred to me by a friend. While I can't personally give advice to thousands of people at once - I have a quality network of advisers who help people from all over Australia.

When should you speak to me or one of my trusted advisers?

  • If you're wanting to get out of debt
  • Maybe you want to invest for the future
  • Are you looking to start a family and need to ensure they are protected if the worst happened?
  • You need help with setting up a good cash flow plan
  • Do you ever think "I earn too much to feel this broke"?
  • Financially speaking, you feel like your life is a mess!
  • You have a million super accounts and don't know where to start
  • Perhaps you have been told you need income insurance and you wish for more information

If you've ever wondered if you would benefit from personal financial advice, click the button below and complete a few questions and I'll email you your financial score!

Tip: the average Australian would get a score of 500!

Any people I have coached as a financial adviser receive a score of over 1100.

While we do not always need an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser a great adviser will be of immense value to you from time-to-time for specific things.

I have advisers all around Australia who work with my readers and listeners of the Sort Your Money Out podcast...

So how do I choose the advisers I send people to?

Once you complete the form, I will personally review your details, clarify anything and then select the most appropriate adviser for you. I'll then email the adviser and copy you in! You can then go from there! With over 12 years experience as an adviser and being well connected in the financial planning industry in Australia... I have really good connection of quality advisers who I would use myself.

If you would like to speak to a financial adviser about your own personal situation

To be on my preferred panel, the adviser must:

  • Just be happy to have a chat at no cost with my readers and listeners to see if they can help, if not - refer you to someone who can
  • Not have an old school mentality and must be relevant
  • Use and embrace technology
  • Know what an Instagram story is (it's a good test haha!)
  • Get what us millennials need and what is important to us
  • Care about the balance between work and life and our WANTS
  • Their name must be on the ASIC adviser register! (Yes, I ensure they are licenced and not dodgy!)
  • Always quote fees up front for any work before you commit to engaging them
  • Waive any initial consultation fees for readers/listeners of SYMO

Please click above and make an appointment. Again, my preferred panel of advisers have agreed to waive any initial fees if you wish to discuss your situation with them.