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Australia’s number 1 money podcast for millennials and their money. Bringing money help to millennials like no other, it’s like Hamish and Andy for your finances (funny and only occasionally inappropriate, ok)

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Louise, 35

I probably would have a house by now if I knew about this sooner

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meet glen james: millennial money expert

Glen is a multiple award-winning financial adviser with experience helping countless people get on top of their finances and host of the my millennial money podcast, Australia’s leading money podcast for millennials. He is conservative and somewhat a contrarian in the way he delivers his practical & fun financial help. Glen has a particular interest in personal finance and small business for millennials.

With his own personal financial success behind him, Glen has a passion to help people achieve financial freedom as he has. His teaching method is light-hearted and fun while still managing to cover sensitive and important topics in an engaging way.

Glen speaks to regular people & financial planning professionals at various events nationally. He is a regular contributor to a variety of national money publications. He has ghost-written lyrics for a chart-topping song and spoken on a money show in the USA live to 12 million people.


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The my millennial money podcasts are probably the only money podcasts you will find in the comedy section. It really is like Hamish and Andy for your finances! Get weekly money hacks in your ears.

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