Australia’s Number 1 money podcast for millennials and their money

Glen James (Australia's Millennial Money Expert), Erin (who keeps a low profile) & John Pidgeon (property investing expert) discuss millennial money matters in a light-hearted way.

With a variety of topical guests on the show, there is a great balance between practical money tips and banter.

My Millennial Money is probably the only money podcast you will find in the comedy section. It’s like Hamish and Andy for your finances!

We hang out wherever you listen to podcasts.


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Your hosts

Erin my millennial money


Erin is a rock star lawyer who will sue yo ass!!! Erin loves coco whip and keeping in shape. You will see her on the beach running most mornings catching the sun rise! Erin does not have a surname, as she wishes to remain somewhat anonymous!

John Pidgeon

John is a personal property coach. He runs a business which operates nationally. Between the times he spends on planes, he enjoys his family and is into being an iron-man.

John's website is

glen james

Glen James

Australia's millennial money expert navigates the team through a variety of first world problems and gets accused of living in a bubble by Erin most of the time. "It's nice in my bubble, thanks" - Glen 

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