If you would like to discuss your personal situation in more detail with a professional adviser, I have quality advice partners who line up with my own philosophy and beliefs.

My advice partners work Australia wide.

They agree that they will have an initial phone call, skype or face-to-face meeting with you at no cost to see if they can add value!

Please click the below and I will have someone reach out by your preferred method.

I only recommend advice partners who I would use for myself or my family. My partners will quote you a price for any work as we work on a fee for service arrangement. So go ahead and have a meeting with one of my advice partners!

You are in good hands. Let me know how you go!

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When should you speak to me or one of my trusted advisers?

  • If you're wanting to get out of debt

  • Maybe you want to invest for the future

  • Are you looking to start a family and need to ensure they are protected if the worst happened?

  • You need help with setting up a good cash flow plan

  • Do you ever think "I earn too much to feel this broke"?

  • Financially speaking, you feel like your life is a mess!

  • You have a million super accounts and don't know where to start

  • Perhaps you have been told you need income insurance and you wish for more information

While we do not always need an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser a great adviser will be of immense value to you from time-to-time for specific things.

I have advisers all around Australia who work with my readers and listeners of the Sort Your Money Out & My Millennial Money podcasts...