feel like you’re always running out of money?

I was broke

I once used to just do things for “future me” to worry about. “I’ll worry about that later”. I once ran out of money too soon before the next pay day.


I once used to stress about not having enough money for bills that would come in at the same time every year… car rego anyone?

I did earn good money and didn’t have debt… what the heck was wrong!!!

Growing up my parents didn’t show me how to handle money. They didn’t have much but we got by. Other kids would get the international holiday to Disneyland and all the latest stuff. Not me. I am thankful for a great upbringing though.

Fast forward, I was 25 years old and I knew something had to change. So I had to work out a way to ensure I would never run out of money and have good system in place (I’m a freak, I like systems and processes - but I’m also a freak as I’m a financial adviser with a spending problem!!!).

I wanted to feel like I had money to blow whenever I want, whilst saving for bills and investing for the future Glen. I now want future Glen to have money & not debt and no money!!

After showing hundreds of people my system, they kept saying how much it changed their life.

So I had to do something! I hate budgets so I needed a spending plan!


My course

My cash flow course will help you to master your day-to-day income, setup a spending plan with the system that I personally use.

Kick-starting your savings and automating your finances has never been so easy. I talk you through how to do it all.

This course is available for you to watch online right now from your phone or computer so you can begin to sort your money out today. 

Includes access to download my personal spending plan and in depth training on how to setup your personal spending plan. 

Start today for only AU$59


It’s never been so easy to sort your money out. My course is designed to walk you through step-by-step how to set up a spending plan and manage your cash flow on an ongoing basis! Enrol today, you will not regret it!

I get so much feedback from people who have enrolled & completed the course!

It’s easier than the Barefoot Investor...
— Nathan, 25
— Mike, 35
TBH, I wish I had known about this like 2 years ago.
— Shay, 28
I probably would have a house by now if I knew about this course sooner!
— Louise, 35
OMG, it’s everything I was looking for!
— Beck, 22
I didn’t know it was that easy, thanks Glen!
— Aaron, 24

You will get

  • to feel like you have more money than ever before (if you follow my instructions)!

  • my custom cash flow spreadsheet (downloadable once enrolled)!

  • to start saving money like never before!

You will learn

  • why we do things the way we do & how to change!

  • how to set up your accounts to work to your own tendencies (spender or saver)!

  • how to automate your personal finances systematically!

Alyce's episode is live on the My Millennial Money podcast.

You will no longer need to pay a financial adviser hundreds of dollars (like Alyce did!) to sort your money out! Do it here, for AU$59.

Let's get into it!

See you in the course,